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LyricsScraping crawls and scraps lyrics from AZLyrics.


  • Platforms: macOS, Linux, Windows

  • Python: 3.5, 3.6, 3.7

  • BeautifulSoup : used for crawling and parsing the lyrics webpages

  • requests : used for requesting the HTML content of lyrics webpages

  • yaml : used for reading configuration files (e.g. logging)

  • py-common-utils : is a Python collection of utilities with useful functions and modules ready to be used in different projects. For instance, you will find code related to databases and logging.


These are the two ways to use the lyrics-scraping package:

  1. Run the scraper script

  2. Use the library as API in your own code

Run the main script

Run the script with:

$ python -c


  • The option -c is for adding color to log messages.